Only one wholesaler does it all!

Global Food & Wine is a long established family owned and operated company that has built its reputation on hitting the bullseye each and every time for limitless kitchen food requirements in the foodservice industry.

Through humble beginnings of a small warehouse first established in 1957 in Brisbane, the Global Food & Wine Group is now a multi-warehouse operation with locations not only in Brisbane but the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Townsville and Cairns.

Many have become one under Global Food & Wine. You may recall some of our former names: Monforte & Co Brisbane, Monforte Fine Foods Gold Coast, Goldpak Foods Gold Coast, Sterling Foods Bundaberg, Burnett Foods Bundaberg, JB Distributors Rockhampton, Cairns Independent Wholesalers (CIW) Cairns, Global Liquor, Torrisi Coffee and most recently Viande Fine Meat and Game

Put simply, the business has grown through dedication to service, quality, variety, competitive pricing and the intuitiveness to amend and change with the times.

As the leading food and wine distributor in Queensland and Northern NSW, Global knows the commitment it takes to provide a service you can trust.

Buying power

Huge diversity of National and International products

Global Food & Wine is a shareholder and member of the Countrywide Foodservice Network with over 100 members Australia wide and a combined turnover in excess of two billion dollars. This buying power ensures our prices always remain competitive when we buy from Australian Food Manufacturers.

Internationally, we deal directly with over 100 international companies in dozens of countries and range an immense diversity of specialised products for every international flavour on your menu.


Reliability is something you trust, like family.

Just like the Dairy Cows arrive at the gate at the same time every day Global Food & Wine will be there for you.

As a leading distributor of Food and Wine, we know the commitment it takes to provide you with the service you can trust.

On our staff we have people from all facets of the industry: Restaurateurs, Chefs, Wait-staff, Purchasing Officers and many more. Experienced people we call on to better assist our customers.

From our dedicated Account Managers, friendly Customer Service team and our efficient delivery drivers, reliability isn’t just a word; it’s our commitment to delivering  on time and in full every single time.


Catering to businesses of all sizes for over 50 years

With over 10,000 products in our extensive range of food, beverage and liquor products, Global Food & Wine can cater for any business size and need. From the best in Italian tomatoes, European cheeses and olives, Australian seafood and more, through to our vast range of wines from Australia and around the world, specialising in imported Italian varieties. We also offer a large range of spirits and liqueurs and beers to stock any bar with only the best product for your customers.


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Our purpose was never to be the cheapest, only the best.

At Global Food & Wine we won’t compromise on any of the key differentiators that set us apart from our competitors.

Fair Pricing is about acknowledging updates of prices when supplier costs change.

Not unlike petrol prices and gold prices, The Food Industry has frequent rise and falls. These can be determined by seasonal changes, currency fluctuation or unexpected supply and demand.

No supplier can have the lowest cost every day on every product. Rather than hide fluctuations by offering inferior products or decreasing service levels, Global Food & Wine upholds Fair Pricing in all of our communications.