3 Big Things Businesses did to Increase Sales During Covid-19

The first case of the novel coronavirus was confirmed by the Victoria Health Authorities on January 25, 2020, in Australia. Since then, kitchens across the country have been quiet for the very first time. Covid-19 outbreak changed the way the restaurant industry operated. From restaurants having long waiting queues to pin-drop silence, the industry has been dynamically affected, and restaurant sales decreased by a considerable percentage.

Even with the loss of millions, restaurants didn’t stop amazing their customers. As the virus continued to spread across the country and globe, great business minds came up with revolutionary ideas to stabilize their sales and grow their businesses.

If you look at restaurants around you, you will realize that the future of restaurant industry after Covid-19 seems to be in good hands. In these hard times, businesses came together, supported one another, and came up with ideas that caught their customers’ attention.

As a restaurant owner, you might be wondering how to increase sales in your restaurants during Covid-19. Well, we have got you covered. Here are the three most effective ways through which businesses around the country increased their sales during Covid-19.

1. Sell Meal Packages and Cocktail Kits

Dining in is a perk that Covid-19 took away from customers. It is for sure an experience that is impossible to replace. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with an equally appealing alternative that provides its own unique experience.

This is what most restaurants around the globe did. Instead of selling a prepared meal, they began to sell meal packages and cocktail kits to their customers, allowing them to craft their own restaurant-like experience from the comfort of their homes. This greatly improved customer experiences and restaurant sales.

Each restaurant went with its own approach. Some provided meal packages, while others offered customized kits and menus to their customers.  This allowed restaurants to be able to create fun bonding sessions and unique date-night ideas. They offered not only restaurant-quality meals but also a fun activity to get their customers’ attention.

2.    Ghost Kitchens and Temporary Pop-Ups

Another popular model that top brands adopted during the pandemic is the start of ghost kitchens or temporary pop-ups in remote areas. The model allows businesses to cut operating costs and make large sums of profits during the pandemic. Since they require low set-up cost, they produce food for only delivery and takeaway, therefore fitting right into the Covid-19 dynamics and ultimately increasing their restaurant sales.

3.    Build Social Media Presence

During the pandemic, social media has been flooded with the fear of Covid-19. However, social media can be used positively by promoting healthy activities through your brand. By building your social media presence, you can use these platforms to offer business updates, promote new offers, hold live chats, live Instagram or Facebook cooking sessions and much more. It is one of the best ways to promote your business and leverage sales

Restaurants are responding to the Covid-19 crisis in their own way. If you are struggling with your business, then it’s time you look for tips and tricks, ask other businesses for help and come up with ways to reach out to your customers, strengthen customer loyalty, and create brand awareness to stabilize your business.

The recent pandemic has been devastating to our country and the world. It’s easy to get caught up in all the negative news stories of hardship. However,  it’s important that we don’t forget about those who are making a positive impact on their communities.

If you’re looking to increase your restaurant sales with great food and wine, come talk to us directly 1300 362 673 or browse our catalogue below. We’ll make sure you find what you’re looking for regardless of how long this crisis may last.


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